Thursday, 27 August 2015

That Paranoid

Thursday, 27 August 2015
how to decide he/she is your friend
or he/she isn't
on the surface, friendship is easy
but we all know
it is not that easy.

like my lecturer always said..

             "its hard but its not that hard"

more or less
friendship is like that.

i WAS a good friend to somebody or someone or whatever
until get burned in the past
since then
i do believe i would never have best friend anymore
i am very cold towards every person

but who am i to say
He knows better

He gave me friends
good friends
named Syaheera Syuhada, Athirah Hassan and Ayu Kamal Ariffin
they concern about me, we have a good time together and
good memories, that i shall keep until today

when I go to university
He gave me more like 7 best friends.
crazy isn't ?
those seven, you know who you are
and i love all of you so much
thanks for being my friends.

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