Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Coach Malaysia Bag Designs for Every Women

Tuesday, 7 June 2016
For the first time ever I will promote handbag and that handbag is Coach. 

Nowadays, women have a job and they always want to look their best. 

Coach Malaysia bag designs are the perfect must-have for every career woman out there to own due to its exclusive glam touch. 

I am a person that love to look things that can bring out professionalism in me and for those, who have no idea what type of Coach handbag designs that will be suitable to carry around can take a look at the choice below. Not necessary to work, but to use in all daily activities such as me when to go to the class. Omg. The three colors/ categories that i love are listed below:

1. Black Colour
Every woman should have at least a classic black handbag in their collection at home and Coach black bags are perfect for career ladies to flaunt. I agree that black bags are important as it is the easiest pick to pull off with any outfit you have on and will always maintain your sophisticated side to others. Simple yet stylish all the way. When I was in law school, black handbag is the one that I am looking for.

2. Soft Pastel
For the ladies who are looking to pull together an elegant appearance, pastel bag designs from the Coach brand will absolutely bring out the feminine side of you. Simply match it with white, black or soft tone outfits and step out to go to work feeling confident as ever. Choose from the wide range of soft pretty pastel bag designs from Coach which fits your style and show it off at work.

3.Stunning Bold
Im not really into this colour but if you want a quick boost of mood, try the Coach bold colourful bag designs. Sometimes I prefer to come out from my comfort zone. It is said that bright colours help bring up your energy levels and this is definitely needed when you have to wake up early to get ready for work. Pick colours such as red, yellow, blue or green and show up to the world.

So if you agree with me and interested to have it, place your order at zalora.com NOW !


  1. Hitamm! Sebab nampak elegant kot. Haha. Kot lah.


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